That time of year again…

Attention students, faculty, and staff! Philanthropy Week starts today! Visit Christensen Center all week from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. to play games, win prizes, and get your piggy bank! We are handing out piggy banks to all classes—be sure to Feed your Pig with spare change, throughout the year we’ll have Piggy Bank round-ups and the class with the most donors will win a class party on campus! Faculty & staff can “adopt” a piggy from any class year. 
Also, be sure to play “Tag It!” all week! 

Tag It! rules: 
1. Add Auggie Eagle as a friend on Facebook 
2. Take a picture next to any Philanthropy Week “price tag” on campus—they are all over, indoors and out 
3. Upload/post that picture to Auggie Eagle’s Facebook page 
4. Auggie Eagle will be the judge and pick his top two pictures this Friday, October 19. Those two students will each win $50!